Our Story

Sue is a long term resident in the Algarve and was owner and chef of Restaurant Mediterraneo in Lagos for 15 years. She now concentrates on private catering for villas and events, and also finds time to make custom knits from all natural fibres.

Adam is a web developer and when not immersed in code, he can either be found in his workshop creating stuff or in the garden.


The Animals

Also helping and hindering us on the Quinta are a variety of dogs, cats & chickens.

Mika is the biggest of our furry friends, known mainly for barking at cars and being an inept swimmer. Yoshi is the perma-hungry ginger dog who will be your best friend… especially at breakfast time. Our latest arrival is Otter Longhi, found abandoned in the local river and mistaken for an otter!

Our cats Snook & Bumble started life on a small farm, but now enjoy the finer things in life, sofas. Mel was a stray cat living in the valley, but when her daughter Pico decided to move in to our garage, Mel followed her and joined our ranks.

The chicken coop is ruled by Gordon McNugget the rooster who looks after our hens; Coddled, Speedy, Mutton Chops, Betty Giblets, Scrappy & Cluck Dorris. New members of the flock are the Cochin bantams, and a family of quails.